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A Better Way to Trade Pin Bars

Anyone who uses price action to trade the Forex market no doubt knows that it can offer plenty of lucrative setups. Today we’re going to break away from one of the most conventional methods and introduce you to a brand new setup. The revamped system we’re going to cover today is a pin bar trading […]

Fibonacci and the Forex Market

Fibonacci retracements are a fairly common and long-standing method of establishing swing highs and lows as well as forecasting potential key levels in price. But before we get into how Fibonacci can be applied to the Forex market, let’s get into the history of who, how and why. The Man Behind It All – Mr […]

How to Start Swing Trading the Forex Market

Finding a Forex trading strategy to get started can be a tough task to say the least. I mean, where do you even begin? How do you know if you’ve found one that’s right for you? With thousands of different strategies out there, answering those two questions can be just as difficult. And, punters, it […]

4 Indicators Every Forex Trader Should Know

When embarking on your forex adventure, you’ll soon see that there are a huge messy collection of different trading methods out there. However, in time, you’ll come to realise that you can uncover many trading opportunities by just sticking to one of four main chart indicators. So today, we’re going to chat about Moving Averages, […]

Learning to Listen to the Forex Market

Whilst it’s impossible to know with certainty what will happen in the Forex market, there are certain clues that can help traders determine with a degree of probability what will happen next. These clues help a trader to understand where the market has been, what it’s doing now and potentially what it could do in […]

The Vantage FX Forex Broker Award Collection

The Vantage FX Forex Broker Award Collection Vantage FX is an award winning, Australian regulated true ECN Forex broker. We offer our clients some of the tightest spreads and lowest commissions in the business. Vantage FX sources institutional grade liquidity from the world’s largest banks and institutions and streams the best bids and offers directly […]

EURUSD Weekly Setup

Happy Monday, Punters! Skimming through some charts first thing this morning, the EURUSD weekly jumped out with a couple of potential setups occurring. Consider the chart below: What we’re seeing here is a clear level of demand (blue) and a tested level of supply (pink), which have both been tested a few times over the […]

Want to be a Forex Trader? You NEED TO Read This!

There is no holy grail On the path to becoming a consistently profitable forex trader, there is no one trading system sent from above to get you paid. Far too many new forex traders fall into the trap of thinking they can simply jump onto the first forex forum that they come across, navigate to […]

Can you Trade the Forex Market Part-Time?

Not surprisingly, few people are able to trade the Forex market full time. Traders who trade from work, at lunch or in the evening will notice that thanks to the Forex market’s volatility, trading sporadically throughout a small and inconsistent period of the day results in many missed opportunities. And it’s these missed opportunities that […]

Superhero Compounding & Forex Trading

Compound interest is simply a math principle that helps form those parabolic growth curves that we all aspire to achieve. The power and potential of understanding how compound interest works is of HUGE importance to all traders because of the critical lessons it teaches about your trading and money management. The Basics Compound interest is […]