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How to Keep Your Capital for A Rainy Day

Personally, I’ve never been super keen on setting a profit target for my trades. The main reason being that I like to constantly evaluate how my positions are going and what the market is doing. Of course, as I’ve discussed in previous posts I like to look at potential levels where profits may be taken, […]

Trading Forex Full Time vs Working a Full Time Job

How many of you have thought about trading forex full time? Do you think it would be easier than having a normal job? Let’s dive a little deeper. It surely is a lofty ambition that every trader has at least considered, however it’s far from easy to achieve. It’s the idea of that extra piece […]

The Basics of the Forex Market – Part 4

The final part of our basics series is going to discuss lot size. Lot size is simply the size of your position. The standard forex lot size is equal to 100,000 units of any given currency, although as explained in our margin and leverage articles, you would only require $2,000 with 1:50 leverage to open […]

The Basics of the Forex Market – Part 3

Part three of our Basics of the Forex Market is closely related to Part 2, which you can read here. We’re going to dive in to leverage, which is tightly connected to margin. What leverage does, is offer traders the ability to trade a bigger position than the size of their trading account would normally […]

The Basics of the Forex Market – Part 2

Today we’re going to continue our Forex Market Basics series by covering the next component, margin. If you didn’t catch our Part 1 article on order types, head over here and give it a read. Ok… so margin. Any decent forex broker offers clients trading on margin and leverage these days, so let’s get stuck […]

CFD Rollover Dates for February

The following CFD instruments will be rolled over on the expiration dates as per the table below. Please note: – The rollover will be automatic and any existing open positions will remain open. – Positions that are open on the expiration date will be adjusted via a rollover charge or credit to reflect the price […]

The Basics of the Forex Market – Part 1

So much of the content I’ve written about is directed toward traders with at least some experience, so today we’re going back to basics to go over a few things that less experienced traders should know about, even before finding a trading strategy. Throughout this series we’re going to discuss for topics: Order types, Margin, […]

The top 10 fatal forex trading mistakes

Trading the Forex market is hard. Extremely hard. While some people say you never master it, others believe that it’s the fast road to riches. Both are quite wrong, but what’s important is to realise that no matter how experienced a trader is, mistakes are simply a part of the process. The reality is, you […]

The One Thing I Wish I Knew as a Beginner Forex Trader

Recently I was asked what trading advice I would give, if I could go back and chat to my beginner-self to prevent me making the trading mistakes I’ve made over time. The more I thought about it, the more I wondered whether I actually would prevent myself from making the mistakes I made. The mistakes […]

Using Momentum to Trade Forex

Whether you’re a scalper, swing trader or investor, the momentum indicator is a highly underrated tool suitable for almost all forex trading strategies, because unlike many other common indicators, it doesn’t repaint. What is the Momentum Oscillator? The momentum indicator is one of MT4’s default indicators. It shows the difference between a candles closing price […]