Author: Dane Williams

We Have a Decision to Make in EUR/AUD

Good morning traders, Remember our look at EUR/AUD swing high resistance zone? Click the link and get a refresher if your MT4 charts aren’t up to date with the levels in question, but the pair is playing out nicely. The thing is, we now have a decision to make! First of all, let’s take a […]

Did Christmas Come Early in Japan?

Good afternoon traders, Being the week before Christmas, I’ve been keeping my eye out this week for visible signs of a lack of liquidity in forex trading markets. But funnily enough, trending price action seems to be continuing across the majors. What is interesting to me however, is the EUR/JPY price action. EUR/JPY is a […]

Gold Shorts Still in Play

Good morning traders, Welcome back to the final trading week before Christmas. It will be from this week that liquidity starts to fall and things could go one of two ways. First, price could well do absolutely nothing. Trade in a boring, sideways range as tight as 20 pips a day. But it could just […]

EUR/USD Bull Flag Playing Out. An Opportunity to Long?

Good morning traders, If you’re a reader of the blog, you’d know that we’ve been watching the bull flag on EUR/USD. If you’re not, then please click the link to that last blog and take a look at why I’ve drawn some of those key higher time frame levels before we continue. The EUR/USD daily […]

“Bitcoin is in a Bubble” – Take a Look at the Chart

Good morning traders, If you have flicked on the TV or opened a newspaper lately, all you would have seen is “Bitcoin is in a Bubble”. Just take a look at this chart: BTC/USD Weekly: Click on chart to see a larger view. Oh wait. That’s not the Bitcoin chart… That’s the S&P 500. It’s […]

Bears Take Control of Gold

Good morning traders, The higher time frame resistance zone has held nicely and price has made a new low to confirm the rejection: XAU/USD Daily: Click on chart to see a larger view. As you can see on the daily chart above, the bears are firmly in control of the market. Now stepping into an […]

EUR/USD Bull Flag and Level to Watch

Good afternoon traders, After benefiting from USD weakness and ripping higher though channel resistance, EUR/USD was unable to break the next level of higher time frame resistance and has started to slowly edge back down. But in edging back down, the pair is starting to form what look awfully close to a bull flag on […]

AUD/USD Update. Lower we go

Good afternoon traders, Just a quick Friday afternoon update on our AUD/USD short trade that we spoke about last week. Here’s a short extract: AUD/USD Daily: Click on chart to see a larger view. Take a look at the levels that I’ve put the markers on. That’s pretty obvious previous short term support turned resistance. […]

USD/CAD Pin Bar at Daily Support

Good afternoon traders, We’ve spent a bit of time on the blog recently, talking about these key USD/CAD zones which price has been bouncing off in both directions. When good quality levels are combined with price action represented by candlestick patterns, you are setting yourself up for success as a forex trader. Take a look […]

Silver Returns to Trend Line Support

Good afternoon traders, With the flash crash in Silver now long forgotten, it’s back to being all about price. …Well, as if it was ever anything but! Take a look at the following weekly chart featuring the latest higher time frame, bullish trend: SILVER Weekly: Click on chart to see a larger view. You can […]