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Best Forex Broker Affiliate Program – Forex-Affiliate: easyMarkets

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Forex-Affiliate: easyMarkets have been awarded the best forex broker affiliate program award. They are of course the the partner referral program of our best European forex broker, easyMarkets and a regulated broker giving thousands of traders access to the global financial markets.

Not to mention they are one of the longest running and most profitable forex affiliate programs worldwide.

Why Choose Forex-Affiliate as your Forex Broker Affiliate Program?

If you’re a forex affiliate marketer then you have a plethora of choice when it comes to choosing an affiliate program. You have to make sure that you choose to partner with a forex broker affiliate program that has both an excellent reputation so your clients are happy, as well as paying the best commissions to you for your marketing work.

Below are a list of the reasons why you should choose our best forex broker affiliate program, Forex-Affiliate: easyMarkets:

25% Conversion – Forex-Affiliate: easyMarkets achieve some of the highest conversion rates in the industry because we contact every lead.

Prompt Payment – Great commissions with swift payment and flexible solutions to suit your business model.

Regular Incentives – Be the first to hear about the regular incentives that they offer to both our referring partners and potential new clients.

Wide Range of Marketing Tools – To make your job easier, they have a fantastic range of promotional material including videos, eBooks, banners and much more.

Online Reporting – Manage your account with Forex-Affiliate: easyMarkets, analyse and track your success with our easy, online system.

Sales Support – Their sales strategy is organized into 3 teams – call centre contact, relationship managers to train, retention team to help clients’ grow.

What is a Forex Broker Affiliate Program?

Affiliation is a type of a marketing program where a person refers other people to a certain business in return for some kind of a reward (typically financial). This is usually done through recommendations, banners, links or any other type of marketing collateral. In Forex, affiliates refer potential traders to online Forex brokers. The referral works when a potential trader clicks a link or a banner provided by an affiliate and later on registers to trade with the broker. That trader is ear marked as a client of that Forex affiliate through whose referral link he arrived.

The most important thing is know your broker. Forex Affiliation isn’t perfect, it’s far from that. Many brokers are known for playing games with their affiliates, not reporting opened accounts, delaying the payment or even for not paying the hard earned commission. Sounds amazingly stupid on brokers’ behalf? It is, because in my opinion such brokers shoot themselves in the leg and undermine their own business.

Best thing is to ask around, browse the internet for a few hours (don’t trust every review you read as most of the reviews are biased or written by brokers themselves – so try to get the overall impression). So if in real estate the key to a success is Location, Location, Location in Forex Affiliation it’s Broker, Broker, Broker.