Best Forex Broker for ECN Trading

When it comes to deciding on the best forex broker for you, there are a huge number of variables that go into the decision making process. There is one aspect that should be a no-brainer decision however, and that is that you should only choose to trade with an ECN forex broker.

Vantage FX are the best ECN forex broker and as a result, our clients are able to stream some of the best price liquidity directly from the most recognised banks across the globe. You can be confident that you’re getting real prices from the interbank market and not just trading a false market that a market maker will overlay and show you.

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ECN Brokers Run the Best Forex Broker Model

ECN Forex brokers really do run the best forex broker model that you can trade on. It is clear, it is transparent and most importantly it is fair on the client. No longer do traders have to worry about being unfairly stopped out by their forex broker. An ECN broker doesn’t rely on their clients’ losses to make money. Instead, they rely on the volume of orders going through.

It just so happens that the highest volume of orders runs through the broker when people are trading bigger size. If people are making money then they are going to keep upping their lot size. It’s as simple as that.

Yes that’s right, ECN brokers want you to actually make money!

When the interest of both the broker and the trader are aligned in perfect harmony, the best results are achieved for both parties and this is exactly what you get at an ECN forex broker like Vantage FX.

The Best Forex Brokers Show Transparent Prices

As you can see, the best forex brokers are the companies that run a completely transparent business. If you’re a client, you want to know that the prices that are being displayed in your trading platform are from the underlying market and aren’t synthetic or market made by the broker.

By aggregating their price feed from a large number of banks through liquidity provider sources, the best ECN forex brokers allow their clients to access the most competitive price feeds available and as a result, gives them the best chance to trade consistently.

There is simply no reason for the best forex broker to not be anything other than completely transparent about the prices that they display on their platform. If you’re trading on the Vantage FX MT4 platform, then you can be confident in the transparency of their ECN price feed.

Choosing the Best Forex Broker

Choosing the best forex broker for ECN trading doesn’t have to be a hard decision. The best forex brokers will allow their clients to download and trade on a demo account that uses the same price feed technology as clients trading on the broker’s live accounts would see. Download them and test them out. You literally have nothing to lose.

Make the right decision for your long term future as a trader. Only trade forex with an ECN forex broker.

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Source: Vantage FX Blog