Best Forex News Blogs you MUST Read

Choosing the best online forex news blogs to read can be a tough task. It’s hard to know which forex news blog is worth devoting your morning reading to.

Featured here is a list of the 5 best forex news blogs you MUST follow.

Best Forex News Blogs:

1. Vantage FX News Centre – With Vantage FX having won our best forex broker award, the first recommendation for best forex news blog has to go to the Vantage FX Forex Market News Blog.

2. Dane Williams FX – Make sure you also have a look at the Vantage FX Forex Analyst‘s Dane Williams’ blog over at Dane Williams FX. While much of the content is sourced from his work with Vantage FX, you can find unique content and discussion from time to time. Not everything can go on the company page and this is where the more lighthearted type posts are found. Also be sure to check out the Forex Broker section of the blog for exclusive offers via his partner brokers.

3. Forex Live – ForexLive is the go to source for both professional and retail forex traders from around the globe. ForexLive have the fastest team of FX analysts anywhere. Instantly knowing what headlines and levels matter comes from more than 100 years of combined experience at a trading terminal. Every day they aim to be faster and clearer. They don’t deliver every headline but instead, every headline that matters by explaining why it matters. Their analysis is succinct. That’s why traders around the globe, turn to them when they start trading, and don’t leave until they’re done.

4. Daily FX – While Daily FX has recently undergone some huge changes, including a rebrand from being backed by forex broker FXCM, to now IG Markets, they have kept all of their market analysis staff. This is where their strength lies, with famous names such as John Kicklighter and Ilya Spivak who command huge social media followings. Their analysis is worth taking note of and Daily FX will continue to be one of the best forex news blogs that you must read so long as they are there.

5. Market Pulse – This is forex broker Oanda’s blog project. As you’ve seen with Daily FX above, it has become worthwhile from a forex broker marketing point of view to purchase external market analysis websites and brand them as their own. Market Pulse is equally as respected within the industry and once again driven by their analysts, is worth following.

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