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Best NDD Forex Broker – FX Choice

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FX Choice are an NDD forex broker serving retail clients worldwide. It’s also worth nothing that they are one of the few brokers that accept US clients.

They are striving to make a difference by offering all of their clients state-of-the-art technology, unbeatable trading conditions, premium service and friendly, competent support.

Their qualified team has over 10 years of experience with online forex trading – as an NDD forex broker as well as being actual traders themselves. Therefore they understand the needs of their international client base in detail and are doing their best to meet every one of them.

A Strong Choice of Forex Broker:

FX Choice state on their website that clients’ funds are held in segregated accounts, absolutely separate from their corporate ones.

What is more, FX Choice practices positive price correction. This means that even if you ever slip into a negative balance under extraordinary circumstances, FX Choice will simply zero them out.

What is a NDD Broker?

There are two main types of brokers: Dealing Desks (DD) and Non Dealing Desks (NDD). Dealing Desk forex brokers are also called market maker forex brokers, while No Dealing Desks are known as ECN forex brokers.

As the name suggests, No Dealing Desk (NDD) brokers do NOT pass their clients’ orders through a Dealing Desk. This means that they do not take the other side of their clients’ trade as they simply link two parties together.

A dealing desk is where retail Forex brokers make their market. When you place your order, they will manipulate market conditions which will either make your trade lose within their own market so that you have to pay the broker or, your trade will be mimicked in a real market meaning that if you win, the broker pays you but they are also paid because of their winnings. The winnings are simply passed over.

To conclude, a dealing desk is a place where automated systems and manual configuration decrease the risk for the broker every time you trade. You want to make sure you’re trading with the best NDD forex broker, FX Choice.

Advantages of Trading with NDD Forex Broker, FX Choice?

Variable spreads.
Simply a bridge between client and liquidity provider.
Prices come from liquidity providers.
Automatic execution, no re-quotes.

Forex Crowns Awarded to FX Choice

Best NDD Forex Broker:

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