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The Forex Trading Pep Talk

Happy Friday, traders. Today we’re going to post some short and sharp points that hit the nail on the head for any aspiring Forex trader. – Go back and analyse your trades. See what types of trades you were more consistently profitable with. Eliminate the trades in which you were consistently losing. Eliminate 50/50 trades. […]

The Forex Traders’ Risk Management Checklist

Are you struggling to turn a profit trading the Forex market? If that’s you, then it’s time to take a step back and start working on your risk management strategy. Risk management can be simply explained as capital preservation. Meaning, traders mitigate their exposure to market moves, something that the pros are extremely disciplined at. […]

Carry Trading and the Forex Market

The majors of the Forex Market The forex market, unlike the stock market which has thousands of stocks from which to choose has only a handful of economies to follow in order to determine the best trade opportunities. The forex market majors are: USA Europe (Germany, France, Italy, etc) Japan UK Switzerland Canada Australia New […]

Analysing Chart Patterns: Flags & Pennants

We’re going to cover the next patterns in our TA series, Flags & Pennants, both of which are Forex continuation patterns. Flags and pennants form when price rallies, consolidates sideways or retraces slightly, and then continues in its previous direction. This consolidation period takes the shape of a rectangle (flag) or a small triangle (pennant). […]

Analysing Chart Patterns: Triangle patterns

For part four of our chart pattern series we’re going to be going into one of the most popular Forex trading patterns, the triangle. Triangles come in a variety of different categories and while they can be both continuation and reversal patterns, the majority tend to be continuation patterns. We’ll be covering three particular types […]

Analysing Chart Patterns: Double Top & Double Bottom

Today we’re going to chat about the popular Forex market reversal patterns, double tops and double bottoms. In its simplest terms these patterns are significant because they indicate price has stopped rallying in a particular direction. Double Tops Double tops tend to form when price reaches a high within a current uptrend, and then pulls […]

Analysing Chart Patterns: Cup and Handle

Following on from our recent Head and Shoulders article, we’re now going to go over one of my personal favourite patterns, the Cup and Handle pattern. Acting as both a continuation and reversal pattern, it can mark the end of a downtrend as well as price pausing before resuming an uptrend. Cup and Handle patterns […]

Analysing Chart Patterns: Head and Shoulders

As technical forex traders, we use the price history of a given instrument, and the particular shapes and patterns that occur as our basis for not only taking a trade, but determining our risk and profit areas too. While the jury is still out there as to whether it’s an attempt to forecast price or […]

Trading Lessons from the Market Wizards

For novices and professionals trading the forex market, there are a couple of must-read books. And right near the very top of the list is Jack Schwager’s, The New Market Wizards. The book itself contains so many trading gems from Jack’s interviews with various pro traders, so I thought I’d summarise a few really key […]