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Symmetrical Triangle Forming on the Nikkei

G’day Traders, Flipping through the charts last night, I came across this and wondered, is the sun setting on the Nikkei? What we’re seeing here is a symmetrical triangle pattern forming on the daily chart. Now, ideally i’d like to see a few more touches of the trendline, but the pattern is still valid. While […]

The Rewards of Medium Term Forex Trading

In Forex trading, there are a number of different ways to ‘skin a cat’, so to speak. These range from intra-day “scalping” to short-term trading and medium-term position trading. Personally, I’ve found that the greatest financial return can be expected from medium-term trading, where traders attempt to participate in multi-week moves and ride them for […]

GBPCHF Setting up for a Potential Continuation of the Long Term Trend

Hi there, Traders. Since the year 2000 the GBPCHF has experienced a significant long-term bearish trend, and we’re presented with a potential continuation pattern, that if confirmed should see price decline even further, perhaps even to (and beyond) all-time lows for this pair. Now, whilst that possibility of all-time lows is some distance away, there […]

Oil Poised for a Breakout

Hey there, Traders. It’s been a while since we’ve seen some a decent medium-term opportunity arise for USOIL, but the chart below is beginning to look very interesting. We can see that price has been respecting our downward trendline since late Jan this year, and we can also see that over the past month our […]

DJ30 Getting to the pointy end of things

Happy Monday, traders. Flicking through some charts over the weekend and I came across this beauty for the Dow Jones, or DJ30. As you can see we have two diagonal trendlines that have been tested multiple times and we’re getting toward the apex of our symmetrical triangle. Our horizontal red lines indicate potential upside resistance […]

How to Achieve Success as a Forex Trader

For retail traders who are beginning their journey in the forex market, it’s quite often the case that they’re unprepared for what obstacles are in front of them. All-too-often it’s the case that new traders will dive straight in head first, blow up their first account, and then either give up or take a step […]

A Brief Breakdown of Forex Chart Patterns

Whether you’ve been trading the Forex market for a long time or a quite new to it, chances are you’ve heard about chart patterns and the importance of technical analysis. Today, we’ll go through the most important chart patterns in Forex to give you a starting point in increasing your knowledge of trading technical chart […]

How to get more from your Forex Broker

With so many Forex brokers in the marketplace, how do you know which one is right for you? This is a pretty open ended question and everyone will have a different opinion, so you need to start by asking yourself what you want from a broker. Depending on your level of experience and the time […]

How Forex Signals Can Help Non-Traders Profit

Forex signals exist to simplify traders’ lives and to help people make money without actually trading for themselves. Although this may sound too good to be true, it does describe the nature of any forex signal service. So, what’s the go with choosing a forex signal service? First, let’s break down why you should use […]

Catching the Next Forex Market Pullback

We recently saw a few fast and sharp corrections across a variety of markets, specifically the indexes. Now in hindsight it’s easy to say, ‘Oh this is where you should buy’, but the reality is scarcely that obvious in realtime. So how is it that you catch a sharp market pullback to try and get […]