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The EUR/GBP Short Side Narrative Continues to Unfold

Good morning traders, After a couple of days off following the Socceroo’s qualification for the World Cup in Russia, it feels good to settle back into the groove of markets. Whenever I open up my MT4 charts, it’s always good to see that even though I haven’t been actively updating them, the major daily support/resistance […]

Two Different Approaches to Profitable Forex Trading

In order to be a profitable forex trader, you have to either win more often than you lose, win more on each trade than you lose, or better yet; do both. Doing both can be very tricky though and is truly the hallmark of a professional trader. As a new trader, it is probably best […]

Why Run a Forex VPS for your MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Platform?

If you’re a serious trader then you should give some serious consideration to running your MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). By running MT4 on a VPS, you are able to add an extra layer of security, reliability and most importantly the psychological aspect of gaining peace of mind in your […]

EUR/USD Benefiting From USD Weakness, Ripping Higher

Good morning traders, Amid a lack of European positive data, EUR/USD has pushed back above major horizontal range resistance. EUR/USD Hourly: Click on chart to see a larger view. A 130 pip, straight line rally like this on an intraday chart without the accompaniment of a news release isn’t something you see everyday and speaks […]

DAX30 Resting Previous Resistance as Support Within Channel

Good afternoon traders, I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Always good to switch off and take some time away from the markets when you’re trading so don’t waste the precious little opportunity you’re given! DAX30 Daily: Click on chart to see a larger view. As you can see, price broke out above resistance at the […]

What Makes Vantage FX the Best Forex Broker?

Vantage FX has won awards in the best forex broker category year after year, but why do we win these awards? What are the defining features of Vantage FX that make our offering stand out in such a highly competitive industry? Best forex broker for scalping and automated trading Vantage FX’s RAW ECN offering has […]

The Benefits of Running a Diversified Forex Signals Portfolio

In previous posts we’ve spoken about what to look for when selecting forex signals: sound risk management, returns which exceed max drawdowns, and solid win rates and reward profiles. The thing is though, no matter how good the signal you’re following is, there are going to be drawdown periods and losing months. Running a diversified […]

SPI200 Weekly Swing High Tested

Good morning traders, Just a quick Technical analysis update today for the indices traders on our book. I’m sure if you have any sort of indices trading watchlist on your MT4 platform, then you’d have noticed the level that the SPI200 has now reached: SPI 200 Weekly: Click on chart to see a larger view. […]

Psychological Pitfalls in Forex Trading

Psychology is an extremely important yet often overlooked aspect of forex trading. New traders tend to focus entirely on strategy, but a good strategy is useless if you don’t have the discipline to stick to it. In this article we will discuss some of the psychological pitfalls new traders face on their trading journey. I’m […]