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Three Pillars of Successful Forex Trading

Struggling with your forex trading? Chances are you neglecting one of the three pillars of successful forex trading. A solid strategy, sound money management and the right mindset (psychology) are essential if you want to be a successful forex trader. In this quick piece we will discuss each of these elements in more detail and […]

GBP/USD Possible Reversal Pattern Forming?

Good afternoon traders, After GBP/USD found support after rolling over, price has continued to rip higher through through range resistance. But taking a look at the current Cable daily chart, we can see that the range breakout hasn’t seen any momentum behind it and a reversal pattern might instead be forming: GBP/USD Daily: Click on […]

Silver Flash Crash Long Forgotten as Bullish Price Action Takes Hold

Good afternoon traders, Do you remember the Silver flash crash? You can click the link for a little refresher of my thoughts around XAG/USD price action, but the following extract from that blog is key: “With Silver known for its ability to maintain trends after higher time frame support/resistance levels hold, it will be interesting […]

Why Traders Love the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Platform

MetaQuotes’ MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is legacy software, but despite the introduction of MT5 some years ago, MT4 is still the most popular retail trading suite by a long shot. No matter how hard MT5 is promoted and pushed, most traders just refuse to leave the MT4 platform they know and love. The MT4 platform […]

Potential for a Cut and Reverse in AUD/NZD

Good afternoon traders, When a higher time frame level fails, the setup doesn’t have to be discarded. If the higher time frame level is strong, don’t ever discount a cut and reverse strategy to play the level from the opposite side. We have one such example of this strategy playing out on the AUD/NZD chart […]

Oil Rally Capped by Trend Line Resistance

Good afternoon traders, And just like that, there’s another week in the books! But before we head our separate ways for some much deserved R&R, I wanted to back yesterday’s indices focused blog up with a commodities focused blog today. The price of oil has benefited from supply cuts from OPEC and we’ve all heard […]

Over-Trading in Forex and How to Stop Yourself

Over-trading is a trap that new forex traders can easily fall into. At Vantage FX, we see this mistake repeated time after time when new traders speak to us about their progress and it has inspired us to write this blog featuring some simple steps on how you can stop yourself. As Vantage FX are […]

DAX30 Bullish Channel Setup Plays Out

Good afternoon traders, Like I do every morning, I was just casually flicking through my MT4 watchlist today in search for markets that are in play. Buried at the far end of my list are the indices markets that I don’t normally reach… Until today! If you are after a textbook setup and trade, then […]

EUR/GBP Retesting Previous Daily Resistance Zone as Support

Good afternoon traders, As price moves back down to retest a major zone, today’s in-play chart is EUR/GBP. But before we move onto today’s level, I want to make sure that we’re up to date with the unfolding narrative in the pair. Each of the EUR/GBP levels that I’ve blogged about recently have all had […]

USD/JPY Breaks Support but is Immediately Bought with Vigour

Good morning traders, I’m back in the office after a long weekend and just want to take my time today easing myself back into the price action that I missed. Take a look at the unfolding USD/JPY price narrative that we’ve been following on the blog with price lunging below the major daily support level […]