Fintech Best Forex Broker Awards – Financial Trading Services Provider of the Year 2017

Vantage FX are excited to announce that we have won the Financial Trading Services Provider of the Year Award for 2017!


At Vantage FX, we have worked extremely hard to mould the company which is traditionally known for offering world class ECN forex trading with razor sharp spreads and the most transparent trading conditions for forex traders. But Vantage FX are so much more than just a forex broker and this Fintech award for the best financial trading services provider in 2017 proves just how far we’ve come as an organisation.

With ECN Forex trading always at our base, Vantage FX’s ability to also provide world class Commodities, Indices and Binary Options trading to clients is being rewarded on the public stage and in an industry such as the retail forex broker space, reaching the top is no easy feat.

It is this competitiveness within the industry that drives us. We want to be the best because our clients demand us to be the best or they will simply move elsewhere. There is no room for us to sit on our laurels so at Vantage FX, we are constantly working to improve our full suit of financial trading products available through our state of the art MT4 platform.

This award is just the beginning of our continuous goal of being one of the best forex brokers in the industry.


“Finance Monthly are a global publication that delivers news, comment and analysis to those at the centre of the corporate sector.”

Finance Monthly is built to be displayed on and viewed via multiple platforms and offer their readership coverage of the global financial issues that matter the most. Covering news, comments and analysis, Finance Monthly spans a broad spectrum of analysis and are well placed to inform readers sitting in positions such as CEOs, CFOs, investors, directors and entrepreneurs of the news that they need to function in today’s technologically connected society.

Driven by an editorial policy of reporting on topical financial technology news that affects both the industry that we work in and the wider global business sphere, Finance Monthly is here to provide a balanced mixture of insight and analysis. Along with this analysis, they also publish special reports and surveys along the way which are designed to help industry participants fain a better understanding of any recent trends that may have arisen.

Many editorial pieces feature contributions from respected industry analysts and commentators to help provide quality editorial for the 200,000 readers each month, across all formats. This makes it one of the most widely read and respected publications in the financial technology space!


The Fintech Awards run by Finance Monthly are a coveted trophy for only the best forex brokers. The awards are given to only the true innovators helping to drive the Fintech sector forward. For anyone within the crowded forex broker industry to be nominated is a true testament to the way they conduct business with the best interests of their clients in mind.

They acknowledge and reward a wide range of financial technology organisations, stretching from start-ups, all the way through the tier 1 banks. This recognition also includes those working within the organisations at a positional level who are recognised as leaders in their particular area of expertise.

Award nominations are made to those that design new financial technology and those that implement these systems in an exciting or innovative manner. The Fintech awards are all about customer experience and if an organisation or individual within the Financial Technology space can help their clients in a ways that increases satisfaction, then these awards are from them.

Some key Fintech Award categories include:
– Payment Innovation
– Customer Experience
– Data
– Trading
– Cyber Security
– Lending

The Fintech Best Forex Broker Awards are given based on a proprietary mixture of nomination numbers received and research conducted by the Finance Monthly team. This extra layer of intervention ensures that awards can’t be awarded based on manipulated numbers or the largest organisation simply nominating themselves.

All award winners are incorporated into the Finance Monthly Fintech Awards. This is a special awards publication that is distributed both on and offline to Finance Monthly’s enormous readership of nearly 200,000 global recipients.

Source: Vantage FX Blog