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Who are Forex-Affiliate: easyMarkets?

Forex-Affiliate, otherwise known as the affiliate program of easyMarkets (which is why we express the program as Forex-Affiliate: easyMarkets) has been awarded the best forex broker affiliate program award by FX Broker Awards.

Forex-Affiliate are one of the longest running and most profitable forex affiliate programs in the world and literally pay tens of thousands of dollars per month out to their highly successful affiliates simply for recommending clients trade with the best European forex broker, easyMarkets.

easyMarkets have such an excellent reputation in the forex trading industry that it really is a mutually beneficial partnership for you to work with them when referring clients to a forex broker. The fact they have won so many best forex brokers awards with us makes the sell that much easier!

Why choose Forex-Affiliate: easyMarkets?

Below are a list of points as to why an affiliate marketer with an interest in forex brokers and forex traders would choose to partner with easyMarkets.

25% Conversion – Forex-Affiliate: easyMarkets achieve some of the highest conversion rates in the industry because we contact every lead.

Prompt Payment – Great commissions with swift payment and flexible solutions to suit your business model.

Regular Incentives – Be the first to hear about the regular incentives that they offer to both our referring partners and potential new clients.

Wide Range of Marketing Tools – To make your job easier, they have a fantastic range of promotional material including videos, eBooks, banners and much more.

Online Reporting – Manage your account with Forex-Affiliate: easyMarkets, analyse and track your success with our easy, online system.

Sales Support – Their sales strategy is organized into 3 teams – call centre contact, relationship managers to train, retention team to help clients’ grow.

As you can see, the relationship truly is mutually beneficial and by partnering with an award winning forex broker, you really can’t go wrong.

Forex Crowns Awarded:

Best Forex Broker Affiliate Program

Forex Crown logo awarded to Forex-Affiliate: easyMarkets for having the Best Forex Broker Affiliate Program