How to Set Up and Copy Forex Signals in MT4

Are you a forex trader who is maybe struggling to get a foothold in the world of financial markets? Do you feel so close to becoming consistently profitable, but at the same time feel so far away? Then forex trading signals are the answer that you’re looking for!

Many new traders don’t even realise that there is an entire library of free forex signals that you can access directly from your desktop. Simply open up your MT4 platform, click the signals tab at the bottom of the screen and browse through the entire hand crafted selection at your leisure.

The MT4 forex signals are a ready made solution that gives traders the opportunity to allocate a portion of their account capital to professional traders via their signal service. All it takes is just a few clicks and you are able to copy forex trading signals directly to your account.

Before you try to Subscribe to a Forex Signal

Before you do anything, make sure you have the following set up or ready:

1. The MetaTrader 4 platform fully set up and logged into your Vantage FX account.

2. An account at These are free and easy to sign up to.

3. Funds available for any forex signal subscription fees (Only needed if you select a paid, premium signal).

Click the ‘Signals’ tab in your Vantage FX MT4 Platform

Simply click the Signals tab located at the bottom of your terminal. This is the section where your open and pending orders are all displayed and there are a number of tabs below it, of which Signals is one.

When you have selected a forex signal that you want to copy, make sure you read it’s main efficiency parameters. This is the important information including the total amount of performed trades, the percentage of profitable trades, the growth rate of the account and anything else you need to know.

When you’re happy with your selection, hit the subscribe button!

Is your Forex Signal a Paid Premium Signal?

After you’ve subscribed to your signal, if the one you’ve chosen is a paid premium forex signal, then you’re going to have to pay for it.

This is an extremely simple, hassle free process with a large number of payment options available to you. Popular payment methods include Visa/Mastercard, UnionPay, PayPal, WebMoney and Neteller.

Choose the payment method that is best suited to you and you’re on your way to copying your chosen profitable trader’s forex signals.

Configure how the Forex Trading Signals will be Copied to your Vantage FX Account

You’re now able to complete the MT4 forex signals subscription process by configuring how the trades will be copied directly to your own account.

Define the percentage of your forex trading account that you are to allocate to your signals and set up the stop loss/take profit levels for every trade.

You’re now fully set up and ready to start copying professional, profitable forex trading signals whenever opportunity is spotted on the pro’s account.

Source: Vantage FX Blog