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If you want to eat only the best food then you look out for an award winning restaurant. Everyone knows to look out for the Michelin Star icon when you’re looking for the best of the best in the restaurant world, and that is what we are trying to do with the concept of a Forex Crown.

There is also an interesting concept in Spanish football whereby if the King of Spain gave permission, football clubs were able to use the world ‘Real’ (Royal) and integrate a crown into their logo.

If you ever see your forex broker’s logo with a crown perched proudly at the top, you know that they are part of the elite. A safe, transparent and trustworthy forex broker that professional forex traders trust and use for their own trading.

The Forex Crown

A crown symbolises royalty. The elite. Something that FX Broker Awards drew on when developing the symbol to represent our best forex awards.

We wanted an easily recognisable award icon that can be integrated into a forex broker’s logo. It’s this concept that makes the crown the perfect symbol for an award winning, best forex broker.

When a forex broker is awarded a Forex Crown for being the best forex broker in their field, they are given a sheet of logos and icons to use on their website and in marketing material such as emails and social media.

If you are recognised as the best forex broker, why wouldn’t you want to show off your Forex Crown! Something that our team of designers make easy and customisable for you.

Whenever you see a forex broker displaying a Forex Crown, you know that they are the best forex broker in their awarded field and you can feel safe and confident to trade with them.

Only the Best Forex Brokers Receive a Forex Crown

At FX Broker Awards, we’re always happy to talk about the forex broker industry and if your broker is or isn’t featured on our best forex brokers list then we know you want to know why.

Please get in contact with us by mentioning @fxbrokerawards on Twitter with your queries, we’re always happy to chat and hopefully help you in making your final decision as to which forex broker to choose or change over to.

Remember that if you don’t see a Forex Crown displayed on your forex broker’s website, you can always get in contact with them and ask why not or simply change to one of our best forex awards brokers.

Change Forex Broker to a Forex Crown Winner

The Forex Crown is the honour that we at FX Broker Awards give only the most deserving forex brokers.

Has your forex broker won a coveted forex crown? If they’re not featured on FX Broker Awards, then they’re not good enough. Change forex broker today. Make sure you only trust the best forex brokers featured here by category.

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