What Makes Vantage FX the Best Forex Broker?

Vantage FX has won awards in the best forex broker category year after year, but why do we win these awards? What are the defining features of Vantage FX that make our offering stand out in such a highly competitive industry?

Best forex broker for scalping and automated trading

Vantage FX’s RAW ECN offering has some of the lowest spreads around and our commission charge is the lowest in the country. Vantage FX’s partnerships with top tier banks and dark pool liquidity providers mean our clients get the best possible price trade after trade. Spreads may not be so important if you are a swing trader, but if you are scalping the markets or running automated systems, every point matters. Vantage FX is leading the way in offering retail clients ultra-competitive, institutional grade trading conditions and this is why we take home the Best ECN forex broker award year after year.

Best forex broker for active traders

Does your broker pay you interest on your account balance? Vantage FX does. Active traders who meet the monthly lot requirements on our Standard STP and RAW ECN accounts receive a whopping 8.88% interest on the account balance per annum. This promotion provides a solid hedge against poor performance and a substantial boost to profitable trading. Had a bad year and looking at 10% loss? Nope, thanks to Vantage FX’s 8.88% interest program, you’re down less than 2%. Had a good year and pulled 30%? Make that 38% – you just wiped the floor with the world’s hedge funds. The benefits of this rewards scheme can not be overstated, Vantage FX’s 8.88% interest program makes us the ONLY choice for active traders.

Best forex broker for signal trading

Vantage FX has a wide range of signal offerings for all our clients. Traders who use the MarketTrader platform have access to reliable forex broker signals based on more than 100 technical indicators. Don’t like the MarketTrader platform? All Vantage FX live account holders who deposit more than $1000 get access to Trading Central’s twice daily forex signals and research emails. On top of these manual signal alerts, Vantage FX’s partnership with Myfxbook gives traders access to 100% automated forex signals verified by Myfxbook. Whether you just need a helping hand and trading ideas, or you are looking for a completely automated approach, Vantage FX has a forex signal solution for every client.

Best forex broker for MT4 traders

Vantage FX doesn’t just offer the same old boring MT4 platform that other brokers offer – our Smart Trader Tools package supercharges your MT4 platform and turns it into an all out trading arsenal. With advanced indicator alerts, a correlation matrix, customizable market watch panel and advanced one click trading functionality, Vantage FX’s Smart Trader Tools package gets you more out of MT4. Sentiment Trader, a session map and advanced order functionality (one-cancels-other orders) are just a few of the other features that separate Vantage FX’s MT4 offering from the basic platform offered by other brokers.

We could go on all day

There are quite simply too many features that set best forex broker, Vantage FX apart from the competition to list in a single post. Take a look around the website or have a chat to our friendly support staff if you’d like to know more.

Source: Vantage FX Blog