Why Traders Love the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Platform

MetaQuotes’ MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is legacy software, but despite the introduction of MT5 some years ago, MT4 is still the most popular retail trading suite by a long shot. No matter how hard MT5 is promoted and pushed, most traders just refuse to leave the MT4 platform they know and love.

The MT4 platform is built like a tank

Metatrader 4 is probably the most reliable and sturdy software we’ve ever come across, forex or otherwise. It always works like it’s supposed to and never crashes – it is built like a tank. Though most software is relatively stable, the vast majority of applications will hang or crash at least once a month. We’re not quite sure what MetaQuotes put under the hood of this thing, but it is as sturdy and reliable as you are ever going to get.

If you are trading financial markets, the importance of stability can not be overstated. The last thing you want going into a central bank decision, is your terminal refusing to work or crashing.

MetaTrader 4 let’s you trade on the go

Though the Windows platform may not be the prettiest thing around, the Android and iOS applications are equally sturdy and look incredibly slick. Download MT4 for whatever device you own and never remain glued to a computer screen again. Monitoring multiple trading accounts with multiple brokers while you drink beer in the sun might not be the best idea, but with MetaTrader 4 mobile, the option’s there.

MT4 made automated trading easy

15 years ago you had to be a millionaire or an investment bank to run automated trading software. MT4 changed all that. With MT4 you can download hundreds of automated trading systems from right there in your terminal. Tick a box, drag and drop and you are ready to go: automated system online. It’s hard to imagine this process ever being any easier.

Design your own auto systems with MetaTrader 4

Not only does MT4 put hundreds of retail automated systems at your fingertips, it also allows you to design and code your own automated systems. You don’t even have to be a coding wizard, the extensive documentation and ability to look at the code of the in built indicators and experts means almost anyone can learn to create automated trading systems or indicators.

Not for you? Can’t tell a double from a variable, or code a simple web page to save your life? Not to worry, there are quite a few extremely powerful third-party modular interfaces available that spit out working MQL4 code. With MT4 there is no excuse to not get on board the automation train: designing your own automated system is as simple as dragging and dropping the right parts.

Just a few of the reasons traders love MT4

Stability, mobile trading, ready to go automated systems and system design made simple. These are just a few of the reasons forex traders love MT4, try convince one to switch platforms and you’re bound to hear a lot more.

Source: Vantage FX Blog