The Forex Trader’s Twit-list

No matter what your market flavour, there’s no shortage of valuable online resources out there to help develop and nurture budding and experienced traders alike. Today we’re going to have a look at some of twitter’s finest finance folks.


Focus: Global macro & politics
Why you should pay attention: Linda’s an academic who tweets regular factoids, data & insights focused on the global economy at large.


Focus: As the name suggests, agricultural commodities
Why you should pay attention: This is a must follow for anyone trading corn, wheat, and even pigs. There’s lots of top quality info here for you to sink your teeth into from this Ag industry insider.


Focus: This is the crypto guru
Why you should pay attention: If you’ve caught the crypto-craze, this is right up your alley. Follow @coindesk to get news, prices, charts, analysis, and more!


Focus: Global Financial Markets
Why you should pay attention: The senior finance editor of Die Welt tweets on point summaries of markets both far and near, and almost every tweet comes with a good looking chart to help explain.


Focus: Trading education
Why you should pay attention: This is a solid feed that educated and updates folks with financial news, as it happens. Packed with straight up, no nonsense wisdom and awesome illustrations, you can’t help but follow with interest.


Focus: Technical analysis
Why you should pay attention: Northman is notorious for spot-on technical and macro observations.


Focus: Charting and market updates
Why you should pay attention: Managed by the folks at Gavenkal Capital, these guys offer a lot of decent insights about all kinds of markets as well as some good looking charts.


Focus: S&P500 index
Why you should pay attention: Mr Chris Ciovacco, founder and CEO of Ciovacco Capital Managements, tweets loads of excellent labelled charts about the S&P500.


Focus: S&P 500
Why you should pay attention: As a partner at J. Lyons Fund Management, Dana Lyons tweets about chart trends and analysis that can be used as actionable setups.


Focus: Trading Charts
Why you should pay attention: Nicole Sherrod is the tweeter here, and as MD of Trading at TD Ameritrade, she delivers some wonderful trades, charts and notes on sector performance. Definitely some value here.



Source: Vantage FX Blog