Best Forex Instagram Accounts you MUST Follow

The visual world of forex trading and technical analysis opens up a whole new world of aesthetics on Instagram. Instagram provides an immediate visual impact to traders and aspiring traders seeking motivation to open their first demo account alike. If you’re a forex trader, you’re going to want to know the best forex Instagram accounts out there.

Here is a list of the 5 best forex Instagram accounts you MUST follow.

Best Forex Instagram Accounts:

1. @forexbrokr – Forex Brokr talks forex trading straight up, as it is. Their Instagram account compliments their Twitter account of the same handle, blending charts and trading setups with excellent risk:reward ratios with motivational forex trading lifestyle images that you can’t help but feel good about inside when you look at them.

2. @vantagefxofficial – Australian forex broker, Vantage FX’s Instagram has evolved over time to the clean, professional imagery you see today. It is another Instagram account that compliments their @VantageFX Twitter account and is worth the follow. Not to mention that Vantage FX have won a plethora of FX Broker Awards, capped off by being crowned the best forex broker overall.

3. @astroforex – Two English forex traders who have hit it big in the forex education space. They share their lavish lifestyles in images that almost look too staged to be real. Well you know what they say about when something is too good to be true… but hey, this is Instagram and we’re here for a good time and not for serious trading analysis. Just know what you’re getting into.

4. @oceansky – Ah, the infamous Reza Mokhtarian. Another in the same mold of the AstroFX boys where his lifestyle isn’t quite what he portrays it to be, but way too fun not to make it into any best forex Instagram account lists. With Reza’s past indiscretions as the CEO of his own forex broker that went belly up well documented online, he is to be treated as a highly respectable marketer rather than the forex trader or analyst he may see himself as.

5. @millionaire_mentor – When you’re on Instagram, who doesn’t want to inspired! Millionaire Mentor is all about images of luxury and wealth, with bold, inspirational text beamed across the front of them. Their posts always stand out when you’re flicking through your Instagram stream and leave you with a smile, not to mention… well inspired!

The list is accompanied by short descriptions. If any important account is missing, or if you wish to enhance the description, please contact me or leave a comment.

You’re most welcome to follow @fxbrokerawards on Instagram.

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