Trading Bitcoin on TradingView

Charting Bitcoin on TradingView

With a volatile asset like bitcoin, your charting software needs to provide maximum functionality in order for you to be able to keep up with the market. This is why bitcoin on Tradingview has gained so much momentum recently in trading circles.

Just remember that when speaking about bitcoin on TradingView, we are talking about from a purely charting perspective. If you want to trade bitcoin directly from your charts then check out our trading Bitcoin on MT4 post in the education section of the site.

But god I just can’t get enough of TradingView! Take a look here at the BTC/USD TradingView chart and have a play around with what you can actually do.

Here is a still example if you can’t click the above link:

Bitcoin on TradingView chart of BTC/USD

TradingView charting supports 100’s of pre-built trading indicators that can be applied to a chart with a single click. For bitcoin traders in particular, the advanced indicators are useful to reveal hidden trends.

Just remember that if you want to save your trend lines or various chart studies that you’ve added to your charts, you’re going to need to sign up for a free account.

Trading Bitcoin on TradingView or MT4

There are actually plenty of forex traders who use MT4 to execute trades but run their charting solely through TradingView.

The next step for TradingView is definitely to do a proper deal with a forex broker which will see their excellent charting platform being able to be used as an alternative to the current MT4 webtrader.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have multi-broker support on the platform where you’d simply log in and it would connect to your forex broker’s MT4 account? We can certainly dream. But at the moment that’s all it is looking like it’s going to be.

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